Orthodontics is designed to correct irregularities in a person’s teeth and jaw, mainly in how they fit together. There are many kinds of orthodontic treatments, each with their own benefits and uses. Our team is skilled at helping patients find the service that best fits their needs and correct teeth that are crooked, crowded or gapped.

Orthodontic care can also be used to address issues with the bite. These issues are commonly referred to as an overbite, underbite, open bite or crossbites. Orthodontic care has advanced immensely over the years, making it more comfortable, effective and timely than ever before.

We understand that, for many, orthodontic services are desired purely for improving the appearance and beauty of a smile. This is just one benefit of orthodontics in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Because if left untreated, orthodontic issues can create more opportunity for tooth decay and damage as well as discomfort in the jaw. Orthodontic care from our dentist, Dr. Samantha Hughey-Wence, is beneficial to your oral health and function; it enhances your ability to chew, eat and speak properly.

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